Monday, June 3, 2013

The Black Iris Turns

I don't recall the Black iris being so infused with purple before. There was always a hint ever so slight, but not the overall purple cast I am seeing now. It could be the lighting.

The Black iris next door looks blacker to me. I don't think the camera can see the difference. The camera is seeing the same purple infusion.

Does this mean the Black iris is not black after all? Is it a fake, a poseur, a purple iris in black drag? Oh well. We can pretend it is black.

I may have come home from the garden party with an Objet de. We will go for a walk in the garden and see where it would like to stay.

Who invented these peonies? They are all just a bit too flamboyant, so big and so unreal. It is hard to imagine nature going this far overboard. On second thought, not it isn't. Nature goes overboard in design extravaganzas all the time.

 Then the gardeners push the boundaries even further. Black iris and giant peonies.


Lola said...

Seems like I remember mine had that purple hue to it as it got older. Love them anyway. Sure wish I could get peonies to grow here.

Sallysmom said...

I love that black iris.

Skeeter said...

My Black Iris was more black but did show some purple with certain lights cast upon it. I enjoyed the statement it made in the garden. Only wish I had not gone on vacation during the majority of the iris blooms. sigh...