Thursday, June 13, 2013

Drumroll Please

The good weeds, the weeds I want are starting to bloom. It only gets better from here as summer progresses.

It will only get better in the years to come as the gardener makes progress.

The gardener is assisted by nature's abundance and willingness to cooperate. It helps that the gardener can appreciate a good weed and knows when to yank them and when to leave them be.


Lola said...

An ongoing supply of beauty. Love it.

Rebecca said...

Clearly you DO know when to yank them and when to leave them! It's looking SO "right".

CommonWeeder said...

One of the weeds I (used to) love is lady's bedstraw which often grew up in my shrub roses. Now it is everywhere including farmers' hayfields. They and the cows are not happy. I pull out more bedstraw than before, but I am not totally unhappy that there is always more.

Swimray said...

I have found a few weeds that will attract some pests ... away from the plants I don't want pests near.