Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Roadside Flower Bed Begins To Bloom

Summer arrived while I was weeding. The self sowing Canterbury Bells are the first item to bloom in this roadside bed. I've done a little weeding in here. Mostly pulling out seedling New England Aster when I check the mail. Too tall. Too floppy. It has to go.

This roadside bed is mostly self functioning with very little weeding now. What I want crowds out what I don't want.

I saw the first chicory blooms this morning. In another two weeks it will be a roadside bed of blue sky chicory backed by the the silvery white Miscanthus sinensis 'Morning Light'. Other inhabitants like Ox-Eye Daisy, Fleabane and Echinops bannaticus will be joining in, in their time.

I have been so busy or so obsessed with weeding the garden becoming that my enthusisasm for the roadside vegetable garden may be lacking. The St. Patrick's Day sowing of lettuce, peas and what not was largely a failure. Winter wouldn't let up. The lettuce and radishes that did come up I haven't even bothered to harvest. The box turtles may get most of the strawberries before I get to them.

The roadside vegetable garden is planted and seeded for the summer. There isn't much weeding to do with the wood chip mulch

I've been weeding like a madman in the garden becoming and super busy, as in fully booked with work. The slow leisurely act of harvest has been put aside in favor of other things.

I may get a little help with harvesting when the tomatoes arrive. The tomato monster next door must have her tomatoes. She might even be willing to fetch them herself.

I weed for wild flowers.

They oblige by filling the empty space I leave behind in my weeding.

Summer is rising to the mountain top and a whole host of wildflowers is about to burst into a cacophony of bloom.


Lola said...

Hooray for the mtn top. All the glory will become into it's own. Gorgeous.

Sallysmom said...

I'm having a senior moment - what is the flower in pic 5?

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola it is just getting started.

Sallymom the red flower in pic #5 is Silene viginica called Fire Pink.