Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Stormy Winter Day

I woke to three inches of snow on the ground with passing clouds and snow showers sprinkled with bits of sun. I figured it was already close to finished.

Not. By two o'clock the sky turned dark and the snow returned in quantity backed by blizzard force winds.

Nap weather. Another two to three inches was added to the pile. It was a stormy winter day.

Spring will return by Thursday, but I doubt this is last we will see of winter.


Lola said...

Yea, for the naps. Cool looking scene. 55 this morning. Must be cooler now as heater came on. Friday is a good day to transplant. Hope I can get it all done.

Dianne said...

We got two inches, then it all melted by noon, then blizzard back by about 3pm. Now we have a dusting, but nothing to protect the buds from the low 20's or high teen temps. I am very discouraged at this point, but by Thursday, it will be Spring again.

Christopher C. NC said...

Naps are almost better than sleep Lola.

Dianne plants are more durable than our worries. I was down in Hot Springs on Sunday and it wasn't looking to far along to cause much damage.

Heaven Scent said...

Beautiful winter scene in that lady photograph! I'm sure you are over all this snow!!!!

Heaven Scent said...

That last photo.... I hate spell check!