Sunday, March 16, 2014

Rain Delay

It was icky and rainy all day long. The crocus did not open. I barely stirred. It's still icky and still raining. At least the snow is supposed to miss us. Elevation can change things so I won't be convinced of that until the sun comes out on Wednesday or around about then.

Despite the ick, life continues to stir on the forest floor. The little baby Oconee Bell, Shortia galicifolia has more swelling flower buds. I hope that means it likes its new home and will prosper and spread this year. A nice thick patch of Oconee Bells would be awesome

On warm and sunny spring days I work like a crazed man getting chores done. Such nice days are always followed by rain and/or snow. Then I take naps. It seems to work out just right.


Carol McKenzie said...

The snow...and rain, sleet, pellets of frozen here in Central Kentucky. As you say, yesterday was so very nice, followed by not so nice.

Lola said...

Icky & raining here. Cancelled practice for GGS.