Sunday, March 30, 2014

The First Sowing Is Snowed Out

Winter is not ready to give up. Another three inches of wet snow fell in the night. It's pretty enough.

It must have been heavy wet snow. The rolling snowballs the snow plow makes sure made a dent.

Black snowballs? Or was I missed by another meteorite?

No it's just the scenic byway rolling down hill. The byway has buckled and sagged, risen and been rifted with cracks. The plow is now chucking pieces of the highway down into the garden becoming. I'm going to have to pick up all that asphalt. It will annoy me for one thing. I certainly don't want the mowers that pass by in the summer flinging it further than a snow plow can.

It's winter once again and with a wicked wind chill. It's pretty enough.

But I had plans for today.

Unfortunately the roadside vegetable garden is in no condition for the the first sowing of the potatoes, peas and greens.

Despite the sunshine and the rapid commence of the melt, there will be no first sowing today.

The tomatoes are still six weeks away. The cages are ready. That is assuming winter finally gives in, gives up and goes away.


Lola said...

Sure looks pretty. Go away winter so we can start summer. Tomatoes I got in are doing ok. Will have to wait to see if all the cucumbers all come up. Need to get the other places ready for next planting time.

Dianne said...

We dodged the bullet. We got rain and slush, but I could see it higher up the mountain. Tomorrow....will be spring. My strawberry bed is my first priority. The rest is too wet anyway. Soon.

Christopher C. NC said...

Yes, tomorrow it will be spring and for most of the week. I can plant the garden one afternoon after work.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I love the photos with the tomato cages making circles in the snow. I don't think winter will give up this year.