Monday, March 17, 2014

Another Dreary Day

The best that can be said is that it stopped raining when I arrived at work. I was however encased in fog the entire time. It was just as dreary when I got back home. All I could do was go have a look. Slowly, evermore daffodils rise from the leaf litter on the forest floor. Daffodils don't mind dreary as long as it is above freezing.

The big sweeping views of the garden becoming and the baby trees and shrubberies that will form the bone structure of the future garden will soon be lost to view.

The first hints of wild green are germinating and waking where the leaf litter is thinnest. That wild green will become the Lush by the first of June. From barren to Lush in just two months. There is a schedule to follow.

By the end of August I will walk paths lined with wild flowers that are shoulder high. That is hard to imagine in the barren time.

Before all that I must get ready for spring. It is time for the grasses to come down in the roadside beds. This is the last bit of chop down that needs to be done. Then I plan to do some thinning, dividing and transplanting.

Wet and dreary is not conducive to such a cleanup. It can wait for a more pleasant day.


Danna said...

It will be so fascinating to see your garden in full regalia in late June...Master Garden Tour time!

Lola said...

Here also. Peach is in bloom. So is the plum. Apple not showing signs yet.
Your garden to be looks fantastic.

Christopher C. NC said...

Danna the garden in June is a completely different experience.

Lola one more day of dreary before the sun comes back out. I'm seeing the first signs of cherry trees getting ready to bloom in my travels.