Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Very Colorful Bloom Day

Bloom Day in March is all about the crocus. They are a good sign that the season has truly turned and is headed in the right direction.

There are now more days that reach and surpass the minimum operating temperature of paint. The new trellis for the Coral Honeysuckle vine is done.

I don't know why it looks unlevel and slightly askew in some pictures. It looks straight and level in person. I checked it with a level. The level said it was level.

Level or not it is a colorful addition to the ridge top garden.

It's a red trellis with a blue pot.

It's a yellow arbor with a blue pot and red trellis.

It's a red trellis with a blue pot, yellow arbor and green deck. It's a cacophony of bright primary colors in the wild cultivated gardens. It's fun. I like it. Flowers aren't the only way to add vibrant color to a garden.

Now I just need to do something with that ugly propane tank.

Crocus are not the only thing blooming. The very first of the anemone have arrived. Hundreds more will follow.

Mostly it's about the crocus and most of them are purple. There are white ones, yellow ones, lavendar ones and striped ones too.

We will only be seeing purple ones for this Bloom Day. The first daffodil opened today, but the picture was blurry, so imagine seeing the first daffodil.

We can also see how they like to spread themselves about. They either set seed or get transplanted by varmints. I'm guessing seed, possibly with a turkey assist.

It was a productive and colorful Bloom Day here on the low spot high atop a North Carolina mountain top. If you need more blooms be sure to visit our Bloom Day hostess Carol at May Dreams Gardens.


Jean Campbell said...

Crocuses and Primary color paint. It doesn't get any happier in a garden. Happy Bloom Day.

Swimray said...

Great colors for bloom day. Add white for snow tomorrow, too.

Les said...

I am happy that spring has gotten its foot in the door for you. Tonight, every part of Va. is supposed to get snow, except for where I live. I am trying not to gloat.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I like the trellis. Lovin those crocus. Happy GBBD.

Lola said...

Love all the color. Great going. Happy GBBD,

Carol McKenzie said...

I'm so happy I found your blog. I'm a recent transplant to Central Kentucky, now living on a ridge, with woods and some established beds. I'm excited to see gardening in a setting that's similar to mine, and not all that far away. Thanks for your lovely photos and taking us along on your journey. Carol

Commonweeder said...

I love watching blooms finally covering the country. I have a while to wait, but soon. Soon. I love that yellow arbor.

queerbychoice said...

A daring mix of colors! I have the same shades of red and blue in my garden, but I would never have thought of adding yellow. It looks good in your yard. I may have to consider adding it in mine. Nice crocuses, too!