Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Sun Came Out

And the crocus opened for business.

I was home early enough to get some work done in my own garden. Sunny afternoons are not to be wasted.

The grasses got their annual haircut. I am now officially ready for spring. So ready that I started dividing and transplanting. Three divisions were taken from the Feather Reed Grass around the stock tank well head cover and moved to the slope below the cozy cabin.

Next I want to remove the two clumps of Miscanthus 'Morning Light' in front of the Bird's Nest Spruce to give it some more elbow room and more sunlight in the growing season. Those clumps of grass will find homes some where in the sunny utility meadow.

The dwarf spruce is starting to gain some size and the grasses were getting to hedge like. This will open a window in the grasses.

The sun came out and it sure felt good.


beverly said...

Oh, I wish for the sun and for this damnable snow to melt. You give me some hope.

Christopher C. NC said...

Bev it looks like we are in for a string of sunny days. One of them is bound to pass over you.

Lola said...

Too wet to plow here as the old saying goes. My yard has water standing in it. Need some sun to dry it up.
Grasses will look good in Sunny Utility Garden.