Wednesday, March 19, 2014

More Sunshine

More crocus.

My work days are longer, but not quite full yet. If there is sunshine and a couple hours before supper I can always find something that needs doing. Today I continued on with my dispersal of the grasses. The two clumps by the Bird's Nest Spruce were dug and divided into four.

There is still plenty of the Miscanthus 'Morning Light' left in the front roadside bed. The spruce has some needed elbow room.

Some things grow much faster than others. The first two Yucca filamentosa I planted are quite big and full now. I hope they bloom again this year.

One clump of the grass was planted mid sunny utility meadow to add a different texture into the mix.

Three were planted at the east end of the meadow on the slope below the scenic byway. One is thirty feet to the right and out of the picture. Two were added to a grouping of grasses previously planted on this slope. The idea is to get some height going here so when you are in this end of the garden there is some screening from the passing cars, trucks and motorcycles and you don't feel so exposed. The road is right at the top of the slope in front of the trees in the back ground. It's right there.

Sunny days have brought the first few daffodils into bloom. 10,000 more will follow over the next four to six weeks.

Meanwhile crocus pop up from one end of the ridge top garden to the other. This year there is evidence of a significant amount of self sowing by the random single crocus in odd locations. Bulbarella swears she didn't plant them. I wonder if she isn't accidentally dropping bulbs as she divides and spreads them all around.


Danna said...

I adore daffodils and crocus. Wish Bulbarella would plant some at my place. But alas, I'm never there before early May, and all the bulbs are spent. I even miss seeing my purple lilac in bloom.
On May 5, 2011, I was treated to the most beautiful rhodie blooms.
If I knew how, I'd send a photo.
I'll have to live vicaiously thru your spring pics.

Christopher C. NC said...

Danna, Bulbarella was born, lived and gardened her whole life in Florida. She had enough. NC is a better place to garden. And now that her husband is dead and can't slow the return after wintering in Florida, she comes even earlier to see every last blooming bulb.

Danna said...

So sorry, being new to your blog, I kept getting the impression that 'Bulbarella' was a fictional entity that watches over all your garden's bulbs. I meant no disrespect and certainly understand how lifelong FL gardening can quell your it has done to me.

Lola said...

Love the "new" look. Yes, we don't want the travelers to see too much as we don't like living in a fish bowl. Sure wish I lived in the country.
Got tomato plants from neighbor. He planted them & they are ready to transplant. Going to try a new way this yr.

Christopher C. NC said...

No disrespect taken Danna. Bulbarella is my real flesh and blood, 86 year old mother who has been gardening actively on this mountain for 25 years plus, before my parents retired and could spend more time here. Bulbarella is her blog name.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola I think the grasses will help with that. Tomatoes already. I'm only now contemplating lettuce and spinach.