Sunday, March 22, 2015

While I Was Planting Potatoes

The suggested rain held off for the day. It wasn't sunny, but it was warm enough to overcome the shade. The first of 10,000 daffodils are ready to pop.

The ring of spring around the fire pit is at peak.

It's actually kind of gaudy.

The colors are so vibrant against the barren.

All the different colors do not flow. I wouldn't say they clash necessarily.

The intensity is just a little jarring after so long without.

And fun and enjoyable, a real spectacle of spring.

Very soon yellow will become the dominant color of spring. Gaudy will be gone and I will miss it.

Meanwhile, the roadside vegetable garden was completely dunged. That was my project for the day. The time for the first planting and sowing is now. I needed to get my potatoes in.

Three rows ready for potatoes.

I dig a trench about  eight inches deep, put in the seed potatoes and cover it back up. I don't do that hilling up routine as the potatoes grow. Gardey don't have time for that. I get plenty potatoes anyway.

Next comes a fresh layer of mulch. I can't go another season without it. My tree trimmer's wood chip dumping ground is still closed off. I have no idea where they dump their chips now. This year I will have to buy bagged hardwood mulch for the garden. It will serve the same purpose and decompose just as well, feeding the soil as it breaks down.

And while I was planting potatoes a passing car came to a stop. That pretty much means I can't ignore them and have to see what they want.

"I'm your neighbor from down below and I just wanted to tell you I really love the bike."

"Thank you."

"I really, really love the bike."

"It amuses me too."

This was after discussing dung, wood chips, mulch and a no-till garden with another neighbor who stopped to check in.

Working in the roadside vegetable garden seems to be my neighborhood social hour.

At least the word will get out that the guy who lives in the roadside attraction at the top of the mountains seems friendly and normal enough. Trust me. They talk amongst themselves.


Cheryl K. said...

I find it hilarious that after all the work and all of last year's colorful garden delights of the living kind, the red bicycle in the tree was what caused the neighbor to stop and find out more about the gardener.

Christopher C. NC said...

Cheryl she zipped right off. She was either in a hurry or another car was coming. Maybe that is all the time she had to comment on things. One of my first thoughts was what about Uncle Ernie? Don't you like him too? Maybe the bike was her tipping point. Whatever. It's all good.

LostRoses said...

I love the "gaudy" ring of spring. Like scattered M&M's!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Too funny. You knew the bike would get attention. It is such a nice thing to discuss gardens with neighbors. Your gaudy ring of crocus is fabulous. I love it, so cheerful!.

Christopher C. NC said...

LostRoses my gaudy ring of spring is a sight to behold.

Lisa are you suggesting I placed the bike deliberately to be noticed? Who me? When I said my garden was no till his ears perked right up. Yes those crocus are cheerful. Boldly cheerful.

Lola said...

I think they have gotten used to Uncle Ernie.

beverly said...

I love those opportunities to subtly educate while talking about gardening. Very subtly, of course, without preaching.

I bet she had been wanting to stop and compliment your garden and the bike was the thing that finally made her do it.

Christopher C. NC said...

That was my thought too Bev. If she is my neighbor, she has driven by many many times.