Sunday, August 2, 2015

A Walk In The Deep Forest

My main goal for the day was to take a nap. I slept in late to make sure I would be ready. Then I moved slow in preparation. I did a little editing. Planted some variegated acorus that followed me home. Changed the spark plug wires in the truck, then sat down and rested up.

The sun was beaming on the Joe Pye.

Then it was time for a walk in the deep forest. I started in the roadside vegetable garden where the Ironweed is my best crop this year. I expected more vigor considering all the dung I added. But then the vegetables were pummeled with hail in their infancy. I think that scarred them for life. Then the tomatoes proceeded to get the late blight. The okra is looking good and the peppers are producing. I see squash. It's not a total failure.

We are in a mini dry spell, so I turned on the sprinkler and headed into the forest.

I have been negligent about wandering into the forest this year. I know full well I can be in there for hours, slithering through the dark damp like a slug looking for snacks. There have been too many other things that needed attention before a slow walk in the forest.

Today I was taking a nap. There was time.

The ramps are blooming.

It is getting seriously treacherous in there. Our forest had a significant population of hemlocks. They were killed by the woolly adelgid. Their giant carcasses are now crashing to the ground. The forest was messy before. Now it looks like a disaster zone.

There is still plenty to find in the wooden tangle. I see orchids. I exited the forest with a baby Umbrella Leaf, Diphylleia cymosa, to plant in the garden.

Was I really in there for three hours? That can't be. Oh well. it's time for a nap.

In the long evenings there is still daylight left after a nice afternoon nap. The clouds were looking a bit like it might rain. The Joe Pye was beamless.

I strolled back up to the roadside vegetable garden to fetch dinner and still had time to amble into the Tall Flower Meadow.

Soon, very soon, it is going to explode in a waves of bloom and color. It's almost show time.


Lisa Greenbow said...

Sounds like a perfect day.

Christopher C. NC said...

It was. I need more of them.

Robin said...

Check out Ebay for eastern hemlock listings.