Friday, August 7, 2015

Black Eyed Susan

They are spreading abundantly.

The plant forms colonies by rhizomes. New colonies are formed by seed. Gardy won't dead head a meadow and when he does dead head elsewhere, the seeds come home to be flung.

It can take a few years from seed to flower. By the time there is a discernible amount of more, I can't be sure how it happened. Was it from seeds brought home? Was it from a refusal to dead head? Is it the result of editing?

Who cares. There are more. There are a lot more purple coneflower this year. I wait to see more dark Joe Pye in the sunny utility meadow and wonder when the rattlesnake master will start showing up in places I have cast the seed. I'll keep editing.

And when the time of vegetation is over, it won't just be flights of fancy running through my head about the great masses of flowers dancing through a meadow.


Lisa Greenbow said...

Yes, Susie is visiting my garden too.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa I have been a bit surprised by where they show up.