Tuesday, August 11, 2015

In A Meadow Today

I'm getting excited. The Tall Flower Meadow is cranking out the bloom. Just a few more days to full color.

So I look out from above and think, how do I get this floral bonanza to cross the crease in the meadow to the other side? The sunny patch I am thinking about was a thick stand of the unwanted tall and floppy New England Aster. That was edited out and the Impatiens pallida and I. capensis took over. The hummingbirds love them. I think they are boring and overly aggressive.

Seeds. I will toss lots and lots of seeds in there. Joe Pye and Ironweed have already taken up residence in that section. I just need to speed things up.

In a meadow today the color was getting stronger.


Lola said...

The color today is a sample reminding us that cold temps follow. It all looks so good.

Christopher C. NC said...

It has already cooled off a notch Lola. The mornings are a nice crisp 60 degrees.