Friday, August 21, 2015

Hiding In The Jungle

From some vantage points you simply can't tell there are nice mowed paths that will lead you through the meadow. Even with paths things can get lost in there, like a cat for instance.

Miss Collar did not come when I called yesterday and for all I know she could have been twenty feet away nestled in the Lush pouting over her lost dignity. She could have gotten in a tussle with Button. He likes to jump on her while she is running away. There does appear to be some minor soreness to her hind quarters. Something happened.

I doubt she left the front porch today. She came in, had her supper and took to her bed.

I was doing a little weeding a couple days ago when oops, I think this is an orchid and it fell out of the ground. It certainly wasn't safe there so I brought it home. Hopefully it will settle in and make the seventh species of native orchid in the wild cultivated gardens.

My best guess is this is a Loesel's Twayblade, Liparis loeselii. It is now safely hidden in the Lush. I hope the digging varmint doesn't find it.

The big end of season show relies on a dozen or so robust floral performers. The meadow is chock full of other less showy bloomers. They hide in the back ground, but add a quite a bit to the overall effect.

It's still not in peak bloom. There is a lot more goldenrod to come and the asters will kick it into floral overdrive. Joe Pye will be fading by the time the asters arrive, but even faded, Joe Pye adds color and substance.

This weekend I plan to hide in the jungle. I could use a little rest. That means I will be doing some light chores slowly. The slower I go, the more I can see what is hiding in there.


Lola said...

Sure hope Miss Collar is ok. In the quite a lot can be heard. Walking in the lush must be heaven.

LostRoses said...

It fell out of the ground. LOL!