Monday, August 17, 2015

More Than A Flower Meadow

I wait all year for the big end of season show. Fortunately it can last a good two months depending on when the first killing frost arrives. That is a long wait. The garden has to have some other interest in the meantime.

With color and textural contrast, the grasses add more interest to the garden in the green time.

In my wild meadow surround, both in sun and the shade, the negative space of the Great Lawn is a critical piece of the garden. This small dot in an ocean of Lush brings a sense of coherence to the entire space. It is the Great Lawn that proclaims, all you see is a garden.

Monolithic stone works and the paths to take you through do not need the end of season show. They are their own element in the garden, independent of what might be blooming.

But I wait all year for this. It is spectacular and worth the wait.

The hard core editing was done months ago. Now I putter, fluff and tidy. I toss seeds and plant things that follow me home.

Now is the time for the garden to show me what it can do. I can just be amazed.


Lisa Greenbow said...

It is wonderful that you can and do sit back and enjoy all your hard work. I love the way the ferns are dispersed in the lawn. They look like they are getting away with something. ;)

Lola said...

I too would be amazed. Your hard work is showing.