Monday, August 24, 2015


The grasses will bloom and add their stature to the Tall Flower Meadow when it is their time.

There is enough to keep me occupied until then.

One small section of the meadow is probably at peak bloom now.

The middle is gaining more color by the day

There is much yet to come as the bloom sweeps north across the meadow. I am more patient with it now that the big end of season show is well under way.

I knew if I was patient they would eventually end up on the discard rack. No one in North Carolina was going to buy those ugly spiky cactus looking things. I would. I waited. Today they were marked down from $15 to $5. I bought six.

Now where will I plant these Hesperaloe parviflora 'Perpa'? The Monrovia tag says zone 5. The internet is disagreeing and saying zone 7 to zone 5. I'm willing to find out just how hardy they are because they should be evergreen and become part of the winter under garden of a low mounding tapestry of texture and color. Plus they have tall bloom spikes of red in the summer that the hummingbirds should enjoy.

It's hard to plant things in the Lush when it is nearing full bloom. These new plants may need to sit in their pots for a spell while I ponder just where to put them. It would help if I could see the under garden. That won't be until November.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Don't you just love the discard rack.

Sallysmom said...

Wow! Just looked at google images and they will be gorgeous in bloom.

Christopher C. NC said...

Yes I do Lisa. The buyer at the Lowes this year really bad though. Tons of tropical stuff. They had guava and papaya in there.

Sallysmom the tag also says to zone 10. You should be able to grow these, possibly even better than me.

Carol McKenzie said...

Oh, my, those are going to be stunning when they bloom. I'm learning to love Yucca. They weren't that common in Wisconsin, but they are here in Kentucky. It wasn't until I moved here that I saw them in bloom. Now I want masses of them, all different kinds, for their blooms, and their winter interest.

Lola said...

Patience my friend.

Christopher C. NC said...

Carol I love my Yucca filamentosa even though they didn't bloom this year. I'm hoping the Hesperaloe will be equally hardy and evergreen.

Lola sometimes I am patient and sometimes I'm not.