Friday, August 28, 2015

The Interactive Invisible Art

Can you see it? I woke up this morning and the new invisible art piece was interacting.

Now can you see it? Frost is even more interesting.


Then at work today the whims of the art gods intervened in my concerns for the birds. A collapsed and busted table I had been avoiding, it's not my job, was still sitting exactly where it fell apart weeks ago. Fine, I will move it out of the way.

The moment I touched it, it had a purpose. Invisible art is made visible.

I also acquired a companion for the interactive invisible art piece.

This was a dingy grey tiled table top. A little gold spray paint and it was ready to go.

The Great Lawn is becoming a real entertainment destination. S'mores anyone?


Carol McKenzie said...

There's a pleasing symmetry between the two pieces, and a lot of negative/positive, in/out, closed/open, modern/rustic kind of feelings. Nice. Makes me want to find broken furniture. Or go work on my glass bottle trellis idea.

We had/probably still have carpenter bees on the porch even though the roof now has a covered ceiling. I'd never seen carpenter bees in Wisconsin. While they do drill holes in the house, I find them fascinating.

beverly said...

What a great idea! I also have some found art type stuff in my garden. It's the most fun. Since I go to a lot of garage sales I'll be looking for your collapsed table's twin now.

beverly said...

ps Christopher, how are you supporting those table tops? (the tiled one and the metal ring). Thanks.

Christopher C. NC said...

Nice describing Carol. I just do it then stand back and ask, does it look good? Does it feel good? To me they have an Asian art vibe. I've been watching the bee make sawdust on my front porch all season never quite mad enough to do anything.

Bev all three pieces, the glass and tile table tops and the metal table frame ring are simply buried in a narrow trench deep enough to hold them upright.

Lisa Greenbow said...

It is nice to have some found pieces that work so well in the garden.

Lola said...

Love that yard art. Of course it's too wet to plow now.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa I might have a good eye for trash to keep.

Thanks Lola. Getting a little hurricane rain?

Lola said...

More than enough. Sure wish Washington has some.

Lola said...

Oh, forgot to say,love that smoke. Reminds me.