Saturday, August 8, 2015


Visually it belongs to the commons. Legally it is a private lot. I was told to keep out, not your job. Over the years I have watched a once fine landscape get engulfed by the forest.

"Ya know, there is a fine landscape under there. It would look so much better if it was cleaned out." Like I need more work.

The commons contacted the absentee owner and I was given a $250 budget and told to go in there.

Two hundred and fifty dollars is a start. That will unbury it. Further and routine work is needed for a full reclamation. The only hope for a longer term unburying is the super toxic stump killer I will be putting on all the cut ends of the tree saplings and grape vines. Just cut, the stumps will all grow right back.


At the end of day one. There is a lot of grape vine still in the tree tops. It is just going to have to dry up and fall on its own.

More before. This is actually a very large and very intense multi level landscape that even has a small pond. In total it probably covers a quarter acre across a natural rock out cropping.

I will be concentrating on the lower tiers that directly influence the commons. I won't be cutting down the dead hemlock. To big. Unless the owner decides other wise, the upper tiers of this garden will soon be toast. The forest rules in absentia.

Still before.

After. A lot of progress was made in one day. The budget doesn't allow for another full day. I will have to select my targets for removal in the next section of this garden on up the road wisely. That means tulip poplar saplings.

Next spring I need to go back in and hit all the blackberry when it resprouts with some roundup. Someone will pay for it. Once I tidy this up, I don't want to watch it go bad again. Maybe the commons will decide to adopt it once it looks pretty again.

I weeded an an actual common area bed in this neighborhood yesterday. The liatris was getting a little out of control and making the bed look messy. The gardener decided more definition was needed. A big sack of liatris tubers followed me home.

Tomorrow I will wander through the Tall Flower Meadow randomly planting liatris tubers wherever I can. More is good. Messy works in the meadow. Or so I tell myself.

The liatris blooms earlier than many of my late summer players. I can use more color while I wait for the really big show.

Then there is zen. I can have chaos and simple in the very same garden.


Carol McKenzie said...

That is a lovely garden. Hopefully there will be more funding and you can continue its resurrection. You do good work.

Does Roundup work on blackberries for you? It does nothing to mine. I end up pulling them out by hand.

And liatris...yes. Messy in beds, wonderful in less structured areas. I have white liatris that grew over four feet tall, looked beautiful for about a day, and then fell over onto all its neighbors. I think the garden soil was a little rich for them. So they're being moved to a less fertile area where, if they do topple, it wouldn't be quite as noticeable.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Nothing like drumming up business. It does look better. Lucky you to have some liatris to follow you home.

Christopher C. NC said...

Carol I also pull blackberry at home trying to get as much of the root and runner as I can. Roundup will put a hurting on it, but a strong solution and several applications would be needed to kill it. Liatris in a proper mulched bed seeds like mad. I edited it down to a large sweep and pulled it from around other plants.

Lisa business finds me all the time. I have even told people Do Not Give Out My Name. That only slowed it down. I think the roadside vegetable garden wild flower surround needs some liatris.

Rebecca said...

Is the zen garden on your property?
You are very generous with your time, talent, and gardening skills! Hope you are rewarded at in many personal ways.

Christopher C. NC said...

Yes Rebecca the fern zen is in my garden. I think it is safe to say people don't talk bad about me much.