Monday, August 31, 2015

Some Needed Rain

It was getting a bit dry out there. A few random asters had turned quite crispy. It may have been from lack of water or it may have been from bugs or varmints. In abundance losses are tolerated. I don't have to know exactly what happened.

It rained gently and steadily for several hours last night. It was most welcome.

I'm sure it was even more welcome by all the new plants I have tucked into the meadow of late. I'm not always good about watering things. I have been spoiled by regular and mostly dependable rain.

A dry spell towards the end of summer seems to be a normal event. I have come to expect it. The gardens take it in stride.

It's the precursor to the change. I already feel the change in shorter days and moist cool mornings. It's last call. Bloom now while there is still that last sliver of time.


Lisa Greenbow said...

Still no rain here. This lack of rain is most unusual. Worse than a dry spell.

Lola said...

Too much of the wet stuff here. A gentle rain is always better. It still looks good and will for a long time.