Monday, August 3, 2015

On Flowers

Unless it bites, stings or crawls on me with sharp feet, or sadly enough, if I should swallow one, I don't pay any mind to the bees and the bugs, except for the butterflies. Butterflies are like floating flowers.

I pass over the creek and through a meadow on my way to supper many nights. There is rarely a need to drive.

On the way back I can loop up through the ridge top garden. There are flowers in the forest.

Even a late blooming lily with a floating flower on top.

Going back through the meadow, I see more butterflies floating over the pale Joe Pye.

A perfect picture.

There is a mighty fine crop of Ironweed starting to bloom in the roadside vegetable garden. I saw skippers bouncing around their purple tops.

It's turning. The Boneset has started. Goldenrod is showing hints of yellow. Joe Pye is here. Ironweed has seeded itself into the mix. The aster tops are branching in preparation to bloom. The Tall Flower Meadow is about to pop. The anticipation is near killing me.


Dana Foerster said...

Just love your "floating flowers". What is the gorgeous plant in pic #3?
Also, your Iron weed is coming out a bit early, isn't it?

Lisa Greenbow said...

I bet you have lots of interesting insects. Beetles are a fascination to me. Of course I love the butterflies too. They are so noticeable with their wings waving to get ones attention.

Christopher C. NC said...

Dana that is astilbe. The Ironweed is right on time. It's August already.

Lisa every once in a while I will notice a pretty wasp like creature. Some of those have great colors.

beverly said...

The addition of the ironweed will be spectacular. I am lucky enough to have it myself and it makes everything else pop.

Lola said...

I remember the ironweed. So pretty.