Monday, September 28, 2015

Afternoon Reprieve

The rain sort of stopped at mid day. The mist became imperceptible. The clouds did not go away. It is only a short reprieve. This thing that has been sitting here for days is reconstituting itself for round two.

I went for a short walk in a trying to dry squashed meadow. There is no sense in trying to fluff anything up just now.

This is the pink aster I found. My asters simply do not follow single species protocol. There has to a be a whole lot of interbreeding going on. I find far too many oddballs.

And there it was fluttering by, another rare visitor to the mountain top.

I hope it planned to stay and rest for the night. Things were not looking so good to the south.

I see Monarchs in the fall as they are passing through. I see them because the garden is filled with nectar plants for them to feed on. They need this sustenance for the journey south. They may not make babies on my milkweed, but I can feed the few who fly this way for part of their life's journey.

The Goldenrod that screens the roadside vegetable garden is still standing tall. The one patch of wild flowers that doesn't ever seem to fall over is on my hit list. I want more, more variety, more color, a longer bloom time.

There are miles and miles of goldenrod along the byways. It is well represented in the two meadows. I need more here. I want something different and unique. The goldenrod has got to go.


Lisa Greenbow said...

I am hopeful for a bit of that rain to make it's way over to my garden.

Sallysmom said...

We still have not had a drop. Even the goldenrod is not blooming due to how dry it is.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa the satellite picture looks like this new round of rain is headed your way.

Sallysmom It is hard to believe you still have no rain when all this goo is coming out of the gulf. You are in Mississippi right?

Jean Campbell said...

Do you have Agalinis purpurea? Our upper meadows have great pink swaths of this lovely native, host to Buckeye butterflies.

Lola said...

At least like use you did get a reprieve.

Christopher C. NC said...

Jean we do not have that wild flower that I have ever seen.

Lola the rain has been holding off until evening the last two days. The next three don't look so good.