Wednesday, September 23, 2015

In The Time Of Asters

It is here. The first day of autumn.
With autumn, there are asters.

They are mostly blue and white. The blue goes from the palest off white blue to deep blue. A few others I have move into purple.

Last year I found a white New England Aster that should have been blue. I have seen a number of white Blue Wood Asters. This year I found a most odd pink Blue Wood Aster. At work the other day I spotted what looked like a freakishly large flowered purple Blue Wood Aster. I almost dug it up.

The asters are up to no good. I think they will pollinate with any aster that happens by. My asters could give an aster taxonomist a hard time.

The Ironweed is far less troublesome. I have just the one species. Its spread is picking up momentum. I found quite a few small plants in the meadow this year.

Asters and blooming grasses are a main component of autumn before the forest starts turning color. This year I am seeing quite a bit of drought induced color. I'm wondering if fall is going to start at the bottom this year instead of the top of the mountains like it supposed to.

There are a few places in the garden to get away from the asters. Trying to figure out who all these asters are can make my head spin at times. I do have an aster unknown. I may have ID'd it at one point. Now I don't remember. It is the tiniest aster of all. The flowers are minuscule.

For now it will remain unknown.


Sharon Tomlinson said...

I have that minuscule aster here in Texas too. I love asters but I'm not seeing so many this year. Would love to have the blue you speak of but mine are mostly white. I enjoy your garden pictures so much.

Lisa Greenbow said...

It is so droughty here it is no fun. Where are the fall rains? We need them.