Sunday, September 20, 2015

Down In A Meadow

Not many people have aerial views of their gardens. I do. I can look out from the front porch and ponder the big picture. I can look out from the front porch and take pictures. I think it needs more color in the center section.

The blue asters are coming. The Joe Pye and Ironweed are self sowing. I can probably just wait til next year. Next year it will be different.

I take most of the pictures of the Tall Flower Meadow from above. The lay of the land in relation to the sun seems to make that the best way to get the colors of the floral abundance to show up in digitals.

This morning while I ambled, the light felt right to try a new view. The sun's angle has been changing quickly in the last couple of weeks.

Half way down the slope could I get all that color to show up by looking more up instead of down?

Now imagine a whole lot more blue. That is if the rains come. It is awful dry again and more of the asters are turning a crispy brown, a they aren't even waiting to get frozen brown, a I think they are toast brown.

But there are plenty left. I still see lots of blue in my future.


Lola said...

Up or down it is still pretty to me. I really like the looking down better tho.

Lisa Greenbow said...

I do envy your view from above. I have to climb onto the house to see my garden from above. I am getting too old for that. Enjoy the view while you can. I can feel that cooler weather creeping in.