Tuesday, September 22, 2015

It Needs More Blue

Impatience at this time of year is surely a form of masochism. When the end is near, I should want nothing in a hurry. But there is too much red and yellow. I only see the underside of white. My white has drooped. A lot of it never returned to a fully erect position.

It needs more blue.

And fresh perky whites.

This kind blue.

The blue is coming, along with a fresh crop of white. Being impatient is pointless.

The bloom of blue and white asters will sweep across the mountain top. I will have my blue.

Blue will be added to the grasses glowing in the setting sun.

Or will it be mostly white?

Out front there will be blue.

Along the driveway there is more white.

They are both needed to take some of the edge off of all the yellow.

Let there be blue.


Dana Foerster said...

Beautiful, Christopher! I'm over here on Wolfpen til Friday. Lots of Golden rod......but can't find any Iron Weed to complement the yellows. Some Great Blue Lobelia are on my property. Tomorrow friends from Franklin are visiting......Will walk my new woodland trail. Someday I'd like you to visit, too. Maybe next summer.

beverly said...

I think you mentioned that you already have Aster tataricus; boy that would be a great blue in your garden; tall and spreads like a weed! My Jindai, which is supposed to be short, is over my 5'6" head.

Rebecca said...

The last few posts have been SO beautiful (and bring back memories of my impressions of Clyde's beauty LAST year). Gary and I walked a marsh and wetland trail up here in Indiana on Monday and saw many of the same colors. What a GLORIOUS time of year!

Christopher C. NC said...

Dana you can gather ironweed seed heads and scatter them at your place. Then you will have some. I'd like to see your place one day.

Bev I did plant a number of the Tatarian aster late last year. They all came back, but not a one of them is going to bloom this year. Their growth was also a bit wimpy. My hope is they are making a good root system and settling in.

Rebecca this is my favorite time of year.

Lola said...

I agree, more blue but I think it is pretty regardless.