Monday, September 14, 2015

Fall Is For Grasses

The sun's low angle of late has been hitting me in the eye. The sort of high on Sunday was 58 momentarily. It's a sign. The time of vegetation is coming to an end.

It ends with a big bang which is nice.

About six weeks is all that can be counted on. Even that may be a generous amount given my elevated status.

It could all end abruptly in a crushing snow. I prefer several good freezes first. The grasses stand through winter much better when they have been freeze dried first.

The grasses come into their full glory in the fall. I rely on the stature of their dried amber carcasses to help me through the winter.

I can think about that later. Right now it is the middle of the big bang. This is my favorite goldenrod. I am not positive on it's identification. It is shorter, in the three foot range, grows well in semi-shade and I like how the blooms cluster along the stem in a nice golden spike.

More grasses were added to the Tall Flower Meadow this spring. They will show up more in another year or two.

There are flowers every where.

In many colors and many styles.

Most of the grasses I have are white variegated cultivars. That shows up much better against the long green phase of the Lush.

Fall is for grasses.

And Tall Flower Meadows.

All that's left to come are the asters.