Monday, January 9, 2017

A Walk In The Snow

The sun came out.

The wind slowed to a whisper.

The melting point was achieved.

No, they all did not go for a walk. Button followed during one leg of the journey.

The melting point is still well below minimum operating temperatures. Like with me, 45 works. Without wind it can be heavenly.

There it was, beautiful sunshine feeling warm and relatively fresh snow. I know from experience that these pleasant windows of opportunity can be all too brief on a cold winter day. Don't dawdle. Go.

The Witch Hazel knows.

I trudged through snow with only one set of determined beeline tracks that had passed before. Fox, bobcat? It was tall enough that its belly wasn't rubbing an imprint. I never looked close enough to see if it was hoof or paw.

Snow is an assist to the chop and drop in the big bowl that is the sunny utility meadow. I will begin my efforts at the end of the month.

The chimney in snow.

Bright glaring sunshine on white snow is not the best lighting conditions for pictures. I do my best.

The now annual tomato cage shadow.

Hale Mana does snow. The only shoveling is a path to the top.

With a blue door.

Walking the garden this winter has made the progress of the Under Garden in all its expression quite evident. I am well on the way to a functioning year round garden.

Some of the perennials are left to stand for added interest.

No need for snowmen.

Even the deciduous baby trees and shrubberies are taking on more presence in the winter garden.

The snow very much enhances that stature.

Every season has it charms. I see no reason not to bundle up, get out there and enjoy them. It sure beats filling out a wad of tax forms.

I know you can't miss it. There are those couple of hours on sunny mid-afternoons when archeological quality stones walls that speak of the ancient call up to the scenic byway on a cold winter day.


Lisa Greenbow said...

Love that sunshine and warmer weathers. It sure gives a different look to the winter.

Christopher C. NC said...

It sure does Lisa. Now let the melt begin.