Friday, January 13, 2017

The Witches On The Wolf Moon

Prepare yourselves, the witches have arrived with the full Wolf Moon. You will be seeing a lot of them in the next month of winter, not that winter seems to be happening. 'Jelena' was the first to arrive. 'Diane' and 'Arnold' will follow.

It is time for me to get busy with two and a half more acres of chop and drop. At best, weathers depending, I may only have four weeks of a limited work load with clients. There is much on my list for here. I have this feeling it won't all get done.

My part of the wild cultivated gardens gets easier to tend by the year as the garden becomes more planted and more established. There are fewer decisions to act on. Routine maintenance for me is very routine. It is also a bit easier when the idea of weeds does not compute. I edit. I don't weed.

'Jelena' along the driveway was the first to open.

There has been steady growth in three years. The tiny twig stage has passed. Now it is a baby bush. One day it should be 8x6. One day.

I have to be satisfied with slow incremental growth. The wild garden method, high elevation and lack of pampering means that is what I get.

It is getting there. It is quite a bit slower than many of my client's proper beds all mulched neat and tidy in plenty sun. It is vastly different than the tropical rampage of growth I worked with on Maui.

Look at 'Arnold' in the foreground. The first witch planted is near four feet tall.

I am satisfied with the progress. That is all that matters. The winter Under Garden is beginning to make an impact. Come spring it will get some more plantings to kick it up another notch.

I'll have the witches to enjoy while I wait.


Lisa Greenbow said...

The witches haven't started blooming here yet. I keep watching those buds for a break out. Can hardly wait after seeing yours abloom.

Christopher C. NC said...

56 degrees and rain here, into next week. If you get that, your witches should bloom in no time.