Sunday, January 1, 2017

On The First Day

A Sunday, a holiday, wet skies with no rain and adequate operating temperatures, it all meant a plan of action would be executed. The expansion of the "Streib's Findling" Cotoneaster dammeri began.

First step was to remove the wild raspberry and hydrangea. I did leave two hydrangea for now. That may change.

Step two was to plug in a couple dozen rooted stem pieces procured from the existing patch of cotoneaster. Step three will be editing when the time of vegetation returns.

The plan is to more than double the amount of this slope covered in the cotoneaster as part of the evergreen winter Under Garden. It will be the dark matter in a starry sky.

Clearing out that hairball of brown sticks gave me a new view of the Under Garden, for now anyway. Things will change in the time of vegetation. Joe Pye had already seeded itself in there.

Can you see it yet? There is a crescent shape filled with clusters of bright sparkly colors.

The starry sky needs the dark matter.


No more hairball. The rain just wasn't happening.

On the first day, I played in the garden as it should be. While I was out there I discovered the first signs of new life and we still wait for real winter to begin. That may happen at the end of the week. The snowdrops won't mind.

Let winter come. I will have a garden no matter and on good days that is where you will find me.


beverly said...

Wow, I stop reading for a few days while family is here and when I return there is a new truck, new duds and a 10 year anniversary to celebrate.Congrats!

Lisa Greenbow said...

Sounds like fun to me. I like the crescent.

Christopher C. NC said...

Bev things have a way of wearing out after close to ten years. It was time for a few replacement items.

Lisa it was a nice way to spend the first day of a new year. The crescent is courtesy of the land itself. I was just following directions.