Saturday, January 7, 2017

Real Snow

The first week of January is the latest I can recall for the first real snow of the season high on the low spot. There was one light dusting and a couple of rimes, but no real snow until last night.

It was ending as I woke up and the sun started to peak through by mid-morning.

There was between four and five inches. I did not measure. It is a guesstimate. The outline of Creation was visible.

Flurries continued as the sky cleared. That could have just been snow blowing from the trees. It was a fine powder snow that fell between eighteen and twelve degrees. It is currently eight and falling. It is quite possible we may hit zero tonight.

Button was most happy I used my shovel. Otherwise he was chest high in his attempts to figure out what happened out there.

Would you believe next Friday is showing a high of sixty two? I'm not ready for that.

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Lisa Greenbow said...

Ha, we are having the same type of crazy weather.