Monday, January 30, 2017

In And Out

At this time of winter, things can happen and be done with rather quickly. There had been barely discernible snow flurries for the twenty four hours of cold before the real snow finally arrived. That was just a prelude.

The real snow started around 1:30 Sunday afternoon. First it snowed most of the snow. Once that was done, the wind started to roar and it just blew the stuff around.

The wind raged all night, enough to shake the house at one point. By morning it was over. By noon it was trying to be forty and a melt had begun.

Tomorrow it will be near sixty. Most of the three to four inches of snow I got will be gone.

In and out. The Witch Hazels will bloom on. The crocus should begin to appear. The daffodils will start to rise. I need to get chopping.

Today it looks like winter. Tomorrow it will be gone.

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Lisa Greenbow said...

We only got a skiff of snow. Winter has been kind so far.