Friday, January 27, 2017

Frozen Still

Cold has entered the mountains. We are currently on lock down. The front porch view is about as far as I will get for the next few days. I did see frosting on the high tops of Sandy Mush on the return from a dung run this morning. Snow is in the diagnosis. It could happen.

There is still enough time for winter to happen. February has been a snowy month more than once in my ten winters here.

Looking out to the garden, you would not necessarily know that thin straight line at the base of the mountain is the scenic byway unless a car is driving by. At times it feels like the cars are driving right through the middle of my garden. Distance is compressed in the cold and barren.

The Witch Hazels curled up in the cold. Four days of this could be the end of 'Jelena' that was in full glorious bloom. Not to worry. 'Diane' and 'Arnold' are left to bloom.

If we are going to do cold, there might as well be snow. I may need that to induce tax form filling.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Yes, a good shot of snow is good for indoor projects. I wish my Jelena was as pretty as yours.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa it could be my imagination, but I swear 'Jelena's' petals are getting a bit longer each year. Now 'Diane' needs to do the same. Then again it could be all about the stock plant used for grafting.