Thursday, January 5, 2017

Will It Snow This Time

As I wandered a winter garden, a recollection of Witch Hazels blooming in December the previous year bubbled up. I started to watch them. It had certainly been warm enough on many days to set them off. A few days later there it was, ignition. 'Jelena' had started to open.

It is now January and there still has been no snow of any substance. Last winter was weirdly warm until it wasn't. This winter was behaving much the same, if thankfully a bit on the colder side. At least I was not seeing the same numbers of daffodils being fooled into waking up.

I was also enjoying a nice long visit with the evergreen, low mounding tapestry of texture and color the makes up the winter Under Garden. This lack of snow and random warmish was tempting though. I kept thinking of dropping in at my local independent nursery to pick up and plant the enhancements I have decided on.

I must be patient though. Maybe I can hold off on that until late March. Maybe.

It was bound to happen. Once I saw 'Jelena' waking up, I knew winter would soon be on its way.

This time it probably will snow. I could get from one inch to a foot. The prognostications vary widely. It all depends on the track of the developing low that arrives tomorrow to mix with the cold that arrived today.

Whatever happens snow wise, it is going to get cold. I'm looking at single digit lows and sub-freezing highs over the weekend. I won't be going anywhere.

I need to get my chainsaw working and I need to get bold. That tree is skinny. I can do it.

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Lisa Greenbow said...

The moss in these photos is sooo pretty. It really stands out during winter. I agree take that little tree down. Save the folly. I hope you keep warm. Snow was falling here all day yesterday yet we only got about 2 inches. It won't be going anyplace soon. The temps won't be out of the teens until after the weekend.