Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Let There be Dung

It was a little cooler today. Not cold enough to slow down 'Jelena'. I'm not seeing any cold on the horizon either. I don't like late spring in January.

Preparation for spring has begun in the meantime. A new layer of dung is being added to the roadside vegetable garden. The melon department is also getting fresh additions of poop. I sure wish I could get a load of wood chips for mulch. Wood chips are so much nicer than the bagged stuff.

My work days are short and to the point these days. That leaves time in the afternoons to wander if I want. I need to start chopping and dropping as I wander. The bulbs could get ahead of me if this keeps up.

The beasts are still acting like it is winter though. The thrill of being outside seems to be in short supply. Must be the wet.

It is certainly time for snowdrops. They would be coming up no matter what the temperature was. I should go on a snowdrop tour one afternoon.

'Jelena' #1 is now in full bloom. With these warmish days they don't mess around. I have spotted a couple of newly emerging suckers below the graft on a couple of the Witch Hazels. Those will need to be cut off because the root stock will out grow the grafted part in one or two seasons.

Winter? I keep thinking about checking in with the boys at my favorite local independent nursery. I could at least do a scouting mission and place an order if need be.