Sunday, January 15, 2017

In The Barren Time

In a vast expanse of open ground, most everything is visible from my front porch perch, or so it would seem. Life stirs slowly in this barren stillness. A closer look reveals much more.

The baby Witch Hazels are growing, but have not reached a size to be seen from the front porch.

The snowdrops are multiplying quite nicely. Their numbers are not yet sufficient to make an overly visible white showing from a far distance. They are not even fully awake yet.

'Jelena' #1 which gets more sun has grown taller than J#2, but the bloom this year is more subdued. Maybe 'Arnold' will be visible from the front porch this year. He is loaded with buds.

The Under Garden can also be appreciated from more than just the aerial view.

In the barren time my garden is a completely different concept. It toys with the notion of being a proper garden even while being of unusual design.

It was grey and wet today with multiple passing showers. I spent two hours picking up sticks in the ridge top garden next door then chopped and dropped the meadow annex below the garden in the utility easement. Editing for wild flower production in this section has begun since it is very much the backdrop of the entire garden during the time of vegetation. It needs to be brought fully into the picture.

J#2 is in full bloom on a wet, near sixty degree January day. I got so warm and sweaty at one point, layers had to be removed.

Way back when I knew a major goal of my new garden had to be making it a garden with year round interest. The barren time here is near half the year. That goal is coming to fruition.

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Lisa Greenbow said...

Your witch hazels are always so pretty. Mine are still in bud, just barely showing a touch of yellow.