Thursday, August 3, 2017

Incremental Steps To The Almighty

Something is missing.

Are the rocks expanding or is the rubber liner receding? Both actually.

Bit by bit, the Almighty Falls emerges from profound labors.

A pond is ringed in rock, surrounded by formal walls and one giant slab of solid rock. The excess liner and underlayment was cut away.

What does one plant on top of a giant slab of solid rock? I can scrape it clean right down to the bone.

Oh good Lord! It looks like a hideous pile of rocks that I would not hesitate to mock under most circumstances and my biggest concern is how to hide the electric box. It's all going to need a vine.

The only thing that really matters of course is what The Lady Of the House thinks when she gets back.


I come home to the most amazing garden. It belongs in a magazine. And the only thing I have to do is mow the paths every so often.

The Melon Department grows on giant piles of dung.

In the Life Is Weird Department, all the Mystery Melons are completely different this year.

1 comment:

Lisa Greenbow said...

Interesting falls. It looks much better with the liner cut off. You can really see the pond now.