Sunday, August 13, 2017

Not Yet

No it is not done yet. It won't be officially done until there are happy fishes swimming in the pond. That could be a couple more weeks.

It is ever so close. The vast majority of the rubber liner has disappeared.

Except for the hardest part.

This part is going to take some glue. Fortunately, waterfall foam is quite sticky and makes a good kind mortar of sorts.

A big chunk of the rubber liner covering the big boulder on the lower right will get cut away after I do a bit of addition and sticky work on the existing rock edge. The splash that will escape there should drip right back on to the rubber liner below.

There is a wee bit of rubber liner on the far side below the falls that needs to be covered. No biggie. I just need more rocks. I used up the full load that was delivered yesterday.

The lower half is done. I will check the whole thing for minor liner exposure with a bucket of small fill rocks.

One day it looks like a hideous pile of rocks and the next it doesn't seem quite so bad. It is what it is. You can get used to most anything.

What it is right now is filthy and soon to get filthier when all the dirt on the new load of rock washes into the stream. It is going to need another Almighty Flush or two. Then I can add pond plants and fishes. When I feel good that the bait fish are happy, pretty butterfly koi can join them.

That is when it will be officially done. Planting around it inside the bowl is a completely separate project as far as I am concerned.

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Cindy, MCOK said...

I'm in awe of all the work you've done on this, Christopher. My muscles and joints ache in sympathy!