Monday, August 7, 2017

The Almighty Flush

It started raining in the night and rained all day. I arrived to find the Almighty Falls operating at big overflow level, a very good sign.

The spring water feeding into the system had kicked up a notch and every raindrop that fell inside the lines was trapped by the rubber liner.

I can leave the falls running with a good deal of confidence that it isn't going to run itself dry. As you can see there is still plenty of rubber liner to hide. It ain't over yet.

I also have an island to build. I want it to be a distinct sculpture, separate and different from the rock pile of the channel walls. There needs to be more than vines to distract attention from that aspect of the whole thing.

My chore for today was an Almighty Flush to get the dirt and rock dust from construction out of the pond. The rain was a nice help in that. The next big rock hauling will be on Saturday. I need a break from that.

The pond was drained with the rocks being rinsed as the water level dropped. It didn't take long to fill back up with the added rain and the springs running high. The bottom rocks are cleaner and the water is clearer already.

My ponds may generate a good deal of scum, but the water will always be clear.