Thursday, August 24, 2017


The past week has been relaxing compared to the last two months of pond building. I even came home a little early a couple of days. But I have had zero energy when I get home. My body is still recovering. A nap has been the best use of my free time.

Thank goodness for the wild cultivated garden. It grows on in beauty and asks nothing of me.

It does need a fresh mowing before Sister #1 arrives next weekend. I'll get to that.

And sure, there are a few things that need pulling. A stand of Giant Ragweed up by the scenic byway needs to go before it sets seed. Most everything else is optional. If I feel like pulling something when I walk by I will if it doesn't take too much effort.

For the most part I am doing what needs to be done to get through the work day and not much else.

The difference between tending a proper garden and a wild one is rather stark right now.

There are no weeds that have to be pulled to make a wild garden look good. There are no flowers to dead head or bushes to hack.

It grows wild and I let it be, to be what it wants.

There is a path in there. My only job is to keep them open and mowed.

Nice paths make for nice comfortable strolling through a garden growing wild.

The asters are beginning to bud. Soon they will be joining the riot of color building across the Tall Flower Meadow.

Even unmowed, the Great Lawn is a nice respite from walking though a head high meadow of wild flowers. It is a much needed element of order and calm in the wild.

I have a week left before company comes. Wish me some energy to get moving.

Because I am content to gaze down on the Tall Flower Meadow from my perch on the front porch.

The garden doesn't need me right now. Just enjoy it says.

This too will pass I tell myself, but I have been gazing into my decrepitude and wonder.

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Lisa at Greenbow said...

I am sure your crepitude gazing is due to being worn down to a nubbin by all of that rock sorting, toting and arranging. You will feel better soon. Gazing on all that beautiful chaos is bound to heal your tired soul.