Tuesday, August 1, 2017

River Rock With Falling Water

I dropped the water level in the pond yesterday to work on the pond edge. There was not enough time to fill it back up and test out the new river rock bottom.

I arrived this afternoon to have a river rock running test and found the spring water had finished filling the pond for me. That is a very good sign. I still have plans to feed even more spring water into the system.

I turned on the pump and it was good. One hundred percent of the flow is inside the lines.

The splash is well within acceptable limits. Very little seems to be escaping.

Two more truck loads of rock should do it. The pond edge and channel walls will be completed. The excess liner will be cut.

The island. What will it be?

The 24/48hr non-stop running test is coming up. Will the spring fed Almighty Falls hold a constant overflow water level? That is the Holy Grail. Is more water coming in than flying out?

A monumental testament to ........ is closing in on the home stretch. In another month or less I will be ready for the fish test.

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Lisa at Greenbow said...

I am happy for you that things seem to be going your way. Can't wait to see it when finished.