Monday, December 12, 2016

A New Paradigm

Then it was over.

I doubt we have made up for the drought induced rain deficit, the creeks still aren't up to full flow, but the weather sure has made a remarkable turn around. The world is now cold and wet. I am adjusting.

It has been so cold some days, I only managed a trip to the mailbox and back. More days like that are ahead for the end of the week. I am adjusting.

Cold is one thing. Wind is another. All the rain that has been falling of late is either preceded or followed by strong winds. Cold is doable when it is relatively calm. Cold becomes miserable in the wind. I have had to work a few days in that. I am reevaluating my layering system.

There was a dramatic turn in the weather and in the garden. Leaving the meadow standing for the winter is certainly a valid option. I do that in large sections of the wild cultivated gardens. Closer to home it gets cut down at the beginning of winter.

A whole new garden awaits. It is a different paradigm for the barren time.

It changes from an herbaceous meadow to an evergreen shrubbery. The mood is completely different. I am adjusting.

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Jan O said...

The change to frigid temperatures was so swift it was shocking to the system. It's definitely in the rosy nose range here too.