Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Big Picture

A notion that has been rattling around in the upper recesses for years is growing into a clear intent. If you hadn't noticed, I have been quite excited about this year's reveal of the Under Garden. The low mounding tapestry of texture and color is gaining form and substance.

With clear intent, the process of creating a possibly surreal, living abstract painting that can be seen from the scenic byway is happening. The garden itself becomes a work of art.

My big advantage in this endeavor is land with significant elevation changes. Viewing areas that take in the big picture abound.

Entering the living painting will turn the experience 3-D.

There is still some painting to do. More of the evergreen Doghobble will be planted in a curve behind the round table top to frame the Great Lawn. The red twig dogwood planted in that gap between the evergreens isn't happening. It doesn't seem to like it up here.

A solid frame will be even better.

The first planted half of the crescent shaped slope below the cozy cabin is filling in nicely. It is quite visible from the scenic byway now.

The second planted half is settling in and has grown a bit since first planted in the last two seasons. There is room for a few more dabs of texture and color on this slope. I have plotted locations and numbers. Come spring a new kind evergreen shrubbery will be selected.

So there you have it, the master plan, the big picture, that bad garden designer did with a concept and by going with the flow. There was nothing on paper, no plant lists and no budget. Somehow it is happening anyway.

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Lisa at Greenbow said...

It is coming around nicely. All Master Plans are edited from time to time.