Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Remembering Rain

And then the skies opened.

After three months with no significant rain followed by devastating forest fires, a switch has been flipped. There has been one storm after another for the last week. Best of all they have been slow, steady and penetrating. Torrential downpours have been absent. Today was the first rain in which I have seen the creeks begin to rise.

Real cold is in store for Friday and Saturday. Snow may or may not be involved, but it will be here soon no doubt.

Real cold usually puts and end to the Witch Hazel's bloom.

All this wet is much appreciated of course. Yet.... I have a number of gardens that I need to finish cleaning up before winter sets in. I got a late start again this year because our first real freeze was a month late again. At least it has been generally cooler than last year's freakish heat up until the day winter arrived.

I have all winter to chop down the wild cultivated gardens so I don't fret over that.

I remember when it only rained in the late afternoons or at night and it did not interfere with my work schedule. Gardy don't work in the cold rain. He's too delicate. I just hope I can get everything done before the snow arrives.

The 'aina now remembers rain. It inhales deeply.

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