Tuesday, December 27, 2016

A Rare Sighting

The Christmas excursion is over. I have returned and set the beasts free. Better to keep them safely locked inside than out there and miserable with the wild things. They may or may not agree. It is weather dependent.

I returned with what I assume are two antique cement pots that belonged to my grandparents. I should probably check my assumption to be sure. I saw that they needed a new home and gathered them up.

They landed on the basement patio. That may or may not be their final destination. They may or may not get a paint job.

It was a rather warm sixty degrees upon my return. Then it began to rain. Any thoughts I had about attending to a small chore in the garden while I had a spare hour in nice weather dissipated quickly in the blur of wet and settling in.

I was happy to be back in my house and still enthralled with the progress of the Under Garden.

All the Hesperaloe parviflora did well over the summer. The drought probably did them good. The ones that did not bloom grew and sent up new crowns. Now they just need to evade another winter of root snacking by the voles. Damn varmints!

For the first time in three years, the cold hardy, evergreen, clumping Fargesia bamboo sent up new growth taller than the existing stems. It is looking nice and healthy again after suffering major set backs during the two Polar Vortex winters. I live on the edge of tolerance for many things.

I gaze upon a growing Under Garden and plan for an early spring planting to kick it up another notch.

No need pakalolo. The garden does trippy on its own.

We don't see him often, the actual gardener man. He rarely shows up in pixels. Something noteworthy happened. Elmer got a new hat, work jacket and truck. The final straw with the Ford Ranger from Maui with 189,000 miles was when the door handle on the drivers side broke. I was done. I conceded to the inevitable after repeated acts of disintegration had left me immobile more than once.

Don't I look happy? Granted, this was after two full days of driving with two not so good nights of sleep in between. My new hat came in the mail from a client who thought my head needed to stay warmer in the winter. It is red plaid on the back.

Just imagine. The Under Garden will continue to grow and I am going to kick it up another notch. It will be even more trippy next year. My new truck won't be so shiny by then.

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Lisa at Greenbow said...

Well, merry christmas to yourself. ha... Nice truck, nice hat. Good to see you. How nice cabbaging onto those planters.