Saturday, November 21, 2020

Light Quality

I'm not home most days when the sun finally rises high enough to light up my Holiday Tree. Should there be sun. If calling it the Holiday Tree offends you, just get over it. There are a lot of holidays between now and when it leafs back out around May Day.

I have a tree full of bling for every occasion. The truth is my Japanese maple collided with a chandelier that shall remain nameless. 

Most days I get home to a deep blue shadow after the sun has shined on all my bling.

I got home a bit earlier today when the shadow wasn't so dense. That makes a big difference in what the camera sees and the mood of the garden in pictures.

The light keeps changing.

There are many moods in a garden in motion.

And many moods in time.



Lisa at Greenbow said...

I like your holiday tree. Cool crystals. Not much light to work with at this time of year.

Christopher C. NC said...

And on my one day off this week, the clouds rolled in for the next cold front. No sun for you or your tree.