Friday, January 15, 2021

Snowpack Bloom Day

The snow from last Friday is still here. It has been a few years since snow has stayed on the ground this long. 

There was more snow last Monday, a spit of snow this morning and a fresh layer of it is planned for tomorrow.

It is a for real winter. It is Bloom Day under a snowpack. You won't get much from me. Best go visit Bloom Day headquarters if you need lots of flowers.

It has been cold enough for the ground to freeze. That slows the melt even with a number of sunny days in the mid-forties. The ground is hard to thaw. The new warm is currently 45.

There is hope. Snowdrops are popping out of the ground all over the place.

Just not for next week. Next week is starting off real cold. Too cold for the ground to thaw. Forty degrees could be the new warm.

There is hope. 'Jelena' the witch hazel is showing some petal. Once this snowpack part of winter has passed there will be flowers for Bloom Day.

Until then; the tax forms got printed today. Some cipherin could happen.


Lisa said...

It's really beautiful though, so there's that. I like your bottles.

Arun Goyal said...

Wow ! Beautiful snow wonderland. I could spot the bulbs sprouting beneath that snow. It would be my pleasure if you join my link up party related to gardening here at

Lea said...

Pretty snow scenes!
Love to see a bit of green emerging!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

My snowdrops have been stopped in their growth with the cold and snow. We have about a half inch on the ground this morning. Not much has stayed since it has been so warm. Not that it is warm today tho. Brr that wind. Happy GBBD anyway.

Unknown said...

Hello Christopher: Finding your blog through Carol’s May Dreams Gardens blog was such a delightful surprise on a cold winter day. I was trying to find someone whose blog referenced gardening in my home state of N. Carolina. You share a wealth of information without hesitation, a plethora of pictures, and write in an entertaining prose with hints of humor. And since I enjoy a good story, I’ve gone back through the anals of history to 2007 to travel down a garden path of adventure, hard work and creativity. I don’t have a blog, but I am an avid gardener who plans to visit on a regular basis and hope that you welcome my interest. Warm regards from the Piedmont area of N. Carolina, Gypsy

Christopher C. NC said...

Welcome to Outside Clyde Gypsy.