Saturday, June 25, 2022

The Hairball Is Dead

Button is having his afternoon nap. I may get there one day.

The hairball that was my mortgage is dead. Hallelujah. Paid in full.

I could be more excited, but I am exhausted, physically, mentally and spiritually. There is Fly Poison in this picture with Bottlebrush Buckeye and Aralia cordata 'Sun King'. Excitement can wait for another day.

I barely moved through the garden. My pace did not qualify as such, an exhalation of weariness. 

Yes, there is time for a cleansing fire.

Time for the heiau to grow.

There is a light in the trudgery of everybody's life.

And a basement patio to rest on.


Barbara H. said...

Congratulations on the mortgage being gone - I know what a relief that is!

beverly said...

WOW! Congrats - that was fast! I remember first following you when you were still in Hawaii!
"Trudgery" - love that. I'm gonna start using it - with attribution of course.
Bottlebrush buckeye and Sun King are two of my favorites - get 'em started and then they just do their beautiful thing without fuss or muss.

Christopher C. NC said...

Paying off the mortgage is a wonderful thing. Paying off my truck is next and I can do that in two or three payments. The credit card debt will follow. Once I start making progress there, I may be a bit more enthusiastic. The goal is to be debt free by the time I start to collect my meager gubmint check.

beverly said...

Credit card interest rates are scandalous - up to 20% now I hear. Much higher than your truck loan I imagine. We will celebrate when you are debt free!

TazMom said...

Christopher, I have followed your blog and Facebook posts for some time, now. I wonder if you could be persuaded to give a talk about the evolution of your beautiful garden to the garden club here, just outside Brevard. We are at approximately 3000 ft. elevation and in a community that values natural landscaping. We could provide a modest honorarium which might even help with that truck payment. 😊
Please let me know, if you might be interested.

C. C. said...

Congrats on paying off the mortgage!! We've got several more years to pay off a renovation loan, at which time I'll be close to 70 UGH, but the work was desperately needed on this 1940 house, and I'm glad we did it.

Do you happen to know the name of those gorgeous daylilies? The previous owner had them, I've been moving them around to keep them in sun, but they're dwindling. They looked just like that.

Christopher C. NC said...

Beverly, I know you are supposed to pay off the higher rates first. I can get rid of the truck payment six months early, eliminating a bill entirely. That will make me feel good. Then I can focus laser like on the evil credit cards.

Thank you for the intriguing offer, TazMom. I will have to decline. Public speaking is not one of my skills and I have nothing prepared. I would need the time to write and produce a good presentation first. I am always open to scheduling a garden tour for groups or individuals. That gets me talking. Touring the wild cultivated gardens is like hiking in the mountains. That needs to be considered of course. It would be a day trip from Brevard. Well planned it could be a fun outing and nice drive. If the club or any members are interested, I can be reached at Outsideclyde at the gmail.