Wednesday, March 15, 2023

A Brief Blue Bloom Day

The sun came out on a frigid Bloom Day morning. It took a lot longer for me to get going. I did manage a short afternoon stroll to see what the freezing cold had done. Not bad I suppose. The daffodils looked relatively ok, but more cold in the low 20's is scheduled for next week.

The newly planted chionodoxa in the Great Lawn have started to bloom.

So far, no varmint has eaten them. I did see a deer out in the garden this evening but did not have the energy to get up and holler, "Get off my lawn." Let my lawn turn blue.

In the golden sunshine of a cold spring day.


Barbara H. said...

Glad you were up to a short stroll. The weather can be so unkind. Spring has totally unfolded here in NE Alabama but like you we are getting cold nights that may well do in some of the flowering plants.

Christopher C. NC said...

Here in WNC all the early spring flowering trees, cherry, pears, plums, redbud and the like, the shrubs, forsythia, quince and such were in full bloom or close. I have to go to town today. It will be interesting to see what escaped the cold.

Unknown said...

You must be feeling better. Did the doctors determine what was causing your trouble?

Vickie S.

Yvonne said...

Many of us seem to be having problems with freezing weather as spring is trying to awaken, but your blubs look beautiful.

Christopher C. NC said...

Vickie I am not feeling much better yet. The doctor did cancel the bronchial biopsy for tomorrow and scheduled a visit to discuss previous test results. Maybe tomorrow I will know what is causing this.

Spring came too early this year Yvonne.

beverly said...

Good grief sorry to hear all this. Hopefully you have a diagnosis by now and a proposed treatment. Not being able to breathe is tough for everybody but especially a gardener. Keep us posted.