Saturday, October 11, 2008

Cartoon Life

It is getting dark much earlier now. By the time I finish working on the cozy cabin and go for an evening stroll the light may be too low for a good sharp picture with a slower shutter speed and my genetic predisposition to familial tremor.

I need a tripod or easier, get out there earlier with better light.

In the meantime, computer editing functions make the world look quite interesting.


Anonymous said...

Hi Christopher! These photographs are so cool! What do you do to make them look that way? I know...I know...the first thing is to have good "subject" to photograph (and you have an entire mountaintop of beauty!) :))

I love that photo of your cozy cabin peeking out from all the foliage. I bet you have some pictures taken from that same spot where your cozy cabin was only in your dreams. It's amazing what your progress you have made this year. It will be fun to compare those photos and also to take photos from that spot in the different seasons to see the change.

Anonymous said...

A fantastic view Christopher. I'm so glad you are sharing your dream home with all of us. I think so far that is the best shot {your cabin peaking through}. I'm anxious to see the final product from the same angle.
I agree computers are a great thing. I just received my history back to 1600. All that info, all that history on one CD. So maybe you can put all this on 1 when it is completed as this is part of your history.

Christopher C. NC said...

Siria, in my Kodak program under Fun Effects it is the Cartoon option. One click and the computer does it for me.

I have so many pictures that when it is done I should be able to put together a slide show making the whole cabin get built in about 60 seconds. I wonder how I'll feel looking at that?

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking melancholy with moments of awe & disbelief. A dream you had is now almost done. An achievement that is almost unbelievable save to a dream & a strong will in the heart.