Thursday, October 30, 2008

The PIA Porch Roof

Snow lingers on the shady side of the scenic highway. I am sure glad the resident gardeners picked the opposite side of the road some 35 years ago when they bought the land for the garden of their dreams. Every little bit of sun shine helps when it struggles to reach 50 degrees.

The sunny utility meadow is now froze and gone to seed. The trees and shrubs, their leaves green or in their fall color, have shown a mixed bag of reaction to the recent sub cool temperatures. It appears, as a passing observation, to be largely variable by species more than the fall preparedness of the leaves. Some things froze. Some things didn't.

The roof for the front porch has been obstinate in revealing itself. All those complex angles have been difficult to coax out of the lumber in a cold wind with cold fingers. Today it relented and began to move at a pace to show some progress. The steps for the porch will come in on the side. Another little detail to deal with.

Off in the distance on a hillside protected from the gale force winds of winter storms, a touch of fall hangs in. Last weekend was probably peak time for leaf peeping. The wind and the snow at the beginning of the week has brought us to the other side.

The asian greens, lettuce, beets, radish-that are too far gone, sugar snap peas-that refused to climb and the turnips look just fine. Hiding in the ground are more bags of potatoes.

A fall vegetable garden survives the first onslaught of winter right out there in the open. I think this would qualify as extending the gardening season just a bit.


Anonymous said...

I agree Christopher. Extended indeed. Hope you are able to salvage most of it. Maybe it will warm a bit so you can have time.
The cozy cabin is coming along. Very nice.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christopher! Your cabin porch looks very inviting. I hope it warms up a bit to allow you some comfort in finishing up the outside work you need to do.

Anonymous said...

Very cool roof if it looks like I think it will. Your cabin has excellent design for a small space!
Yes, my veggies grown in pots out on a dock in a bitter wind (the only sun) have succumbed except for arugula and lettuce. The urge to survive is strong in some.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Burrrrr those photos look cold to me. You will be so proud of your porch roof when you are finished. All that geometry you didn't think you would ever use probably bubbled to the surface for this project. The roof will really give your cabin that 'welcome home' look.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christopher, love the roof angles on the porch, much interest for the eye there. A wonderful place to sit and contemplate the world. Hope it warms up for you some soon so you can get it finished up. Glad to know your potatoes are safe. How about the family of Spot?


Anonymous said...

I'd say you are making some progress. I like the hip roof line on the porch. I agree with your "extending the season" assessment, too. Even though it's been colder there than here, your garden seems to have fared very well. Enjoy the late season bounty.

EAL said...

Wow! I can't believe the progress! Guess I haven't visited in a while. It looks fantastic.